Shawn Lovejoy on Three Reasons Churches Stop Growing

church leadership Nov 19, 2020

Shawn Lovejoy, author of Be Mean About the Vision and Measuring Success, joins us for episode three of the Preaching Donkey Podcast to discuss the three reasons why churches stop growing.

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Brian Mills on Always Preaching the Gospel, Redeeming Announcements and Time Management

church leadership Nov 12, 2020

Brian Mills joins us for episode two of the Preaching Donkey Podcast! In this episode, Brian discusses the importance of the gospel in preaching, how to use announcements as more than "announcing" things, and how to set a healthy pace of work and priorities for your team.

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Brandon Kelley on Finding Your Voice, Preparing a Text & Leading in Challenging Times

sermon prep Nov 05, 2020

Brandon Kelley, author of Preaching Sticky Sermons and founder of Rookie Preacher, joins us for episode one of the Preaching Donkey Podcast to talk about finding your voice as a preacher, preparing a text in order to preach it compellingly and the unique struggles of leading during these challenging times.

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The Preaching Donkey Podcast Launches TODAY!

church leadership Nov 05, 2020

I can't wait for you to listen to the Preaching Donkey Podcast!

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A Word of Appreciation & Encouragement to Pastors

church leadership Oct 15, 2020

The work you do as a pastor can be incredibly taxing, I want to share a word of appreciation and encouragement with you.

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Three Must Do's to Engage EVERYONE When You Preach!

sermon prep Oct 09, 2020

Not everyone processes information the same way! Some learn audibly, others visually, still others kinesthetically. As preachers who want to communicate effectively with our audience, we must leverage all the tools we have to reach everyone in our audience with our message. In this video, we explore three things you must do to ensure your messages reach everyone in your church.

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How to Keep People Engaged When You Preach

sermon prep Oct 01, 2020

When it comes to delivering a sermon, there is nothing more important than engagement. If you don't have the attention of your listeners, they won't hear and respond to the message. It is vital to capture and maintain the attention of your listeners when you preach. But how? There are many challenges that work against our ability to keep people engaged when we preach. In this video, I'll give you three practical tools you can use to keep your listeners engaged in every message.

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How to Find YOUR Voice as a Preacher!

sermon prep Sep 24, 2020

How do you find your voice as a preacher? This is challenging because there are SO many voices we can listen to. There is no shortage of sermons we can watch and preachers we can seek to emulate (or even imitate).

So when it comes to finding your voice as a preacher, how do you find it? In this video I'll give you some practical steps you can take to finding and strengthening YOUR voice as a preacher.


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How to Preach with Authority & Confidence!

sermon prep Sep 17, 2020

The concept of authority is a touchy issue. Some avoid it altogether because of how they've seen "authority" abused in church settings. Other people want to preach with a sense of authority but don't know how or even fully what that means. I think there is a lot of confusion around this issue, and I hope to bring some clarity to it. I believe every preacher should preach with authority and confidence. But that authority does not derive from within themselves, the authority comes from preaching the Word of God. In this video, I'll outline what it looks like to preach with authority the way we were meant to as preachers.

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Dealing with Discouragement as a Pastor

church leadership Sep 09, 2020

Sometimes ministry can be incredibly discouraging. Preaching can be taxing. Ministry can weigh you down. There are unique challenges associated with pastoral work. In this video, I want to give you some encouragement.


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