A SIMPLE Way to Make Your Announcements STICK! (Using Andy Stanley's ME-WE-GOD-YOU-WE Framework)

church leadership Jan 04, 2021

Announcements are tricky. Most of the time they go unheard and seem like a complete waste of time. In this video, I'll show you how to apply Andy Stanley's preaching method of Me, We, God, You, We to announcements to make them compelling and memorable.

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Four Church Trends That Are Here to Stay in 2021

church leadership Dec 30, 2020

Happy New Year to you! As we close the door on 2020 and think ahead to 2021, I want to share four important church leadership trends that I believe are here to stay for 2021.

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Reflecting On What Truly Matters in Our Preaching...

sermon prep Dec 23, 2020

As we wrap up 2020 and look forward to another year of ministry and preaching, it's important to take a moment and reflect on what's most important in our preaching.

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Jordan Easley on Planning Ahead, Working with Your Team & the Importance of Evangelism

church leadership Dec 17, 2020

Jordan Easley joins us for episode seven of the Preaching Donkey Podcast and shares about his process for planning ahead, working with his team & the importance of evangelism both in the sermon and in life. Follow Jordan on Instagram: jordan_easley and on Twitter: @jordaneasley

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Bill Isaacs on Bringing your Team into your Sermon Prep and the Importance of Focus

sermon prep Dec 10, 2020

Bill Isaacs, author of Be the Leader, joined me for the sixth episode of the Preaching Donkey Podcast. He shared about how he utilizes his team for sermon prep, how he focuses on what is most important and lessons from leading through a pandemic.

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2020's Most-Read Bible Verse: "Do Not Fear" | YouVersion Bible App | Lessons for Pastors

lessons for pastors Dec 07, 2020

The YouVersion Bible App and BibleGateway have released their data showing 2020's most searched-for Bible terms and most-read verses. Unsurprisingly, "Do Not Fear" was the most-read verse with "Fear" being the most searched-term. I think there's a lot we can learn from this as we plan our sermon content for 2021. In this video, we'll explore the implications for us as church leaders.

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Johnny Armstrong on Engaging Skeptics, Spirituality vs. Atheism, & 3 Keys for Defending Faith

church leadership Dec 03, 2020

Johnny Armstrong, author of A Thought-Out Faith: Christianity as the Best Explanation, joins me for episode five of the Preaching Donkey Podcast.

Armstrong shares how to engage skeptics in a relational way, discusses the differences between spirituality and atheism, and gives three key arguments for defending faith.

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Today is the day! Preaching Jumpstart is OPEN!

sermon prep Nov 27, 2020

Today is the day! Preaching Jumpstart is OPEN!  Use JUMPSTART30 FOR $30 OFF!

Can't wait to see you on the inside! https://preachingdonkey.com/jumpstart 



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Preaching Jumpstart is OPEN! (limited enrollment)

sermon prep Nov 27, 2020
I'm opening the doors to Preaching Jumpstart - a complete, simplified process for writing and delivering life-changing sermons!
And to celebrate the launch of the course, I'm taking $30 off!
Get it for $30 OFF during this launch only using promo code: JUMPSTART30
Preaching Jumpstart will help you:

-Determine your preaching calling, desires, giftedness and style so that you know how God has uniquely wired you for ministry.

-Develop a plan for gaining vital experience as a new preacher.

-Purposefully and efficiently study the Bible for sermon prep.

-Determine a compelling topic, title and hook for each message.

-Develop sermon outlines that take your listeners on an irresistible journey.

-Understand the secret to powerful sermon delivery: intentional rehearsal.

-Deliver life-changing messages that are powerful, clear and compelling.

-Develop your communication...
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Happy Thanksgiving & BIG Announcement!!! | Preaching Donkey Podcast Ep. 4

sermon prep Nov 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to my US listeners (and anyone else who's thankful today!) Also, I have a BIG announcement today that you are going to want to hear!

Starting Friday Preaching Jumpstart will be OPEN: https://www.preachingdonkey.com/jumpstart Use Promo code: JUMPSTART30 for $30 off this week only.

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