The Best 5 Books On Apologetics

church leadership Sep 02, 2018

I want to give you my list of the best 5 books on apologetics. I became passionate about the subject of apologetics in when I was in high school. I attended a leadership camp my  junior year, and the camp speaker was an apologist. At first I remember thinking, “What’s he so sorry about?” But “apologetics” isn’t about being sorry. Rather, it’s about being prepared and equipped to defend what you believe and why you believe it.

This particular apologist who spoke at the camp that week opened my eyes to a world I had previously known nothing about. I had grown up in church and believed Christianity was true, but I did not have good reasons for my beliefs. I had a lot of faith, but not a lot of substantial reasons to back up the claims of that faith.

That week I was exposed to the ideas and arguments for the existence of God, veracity of Scripture, reality of the resurrection and more. It was life-changing because I started to realize that...

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What’s the Difference Between Preaching and Teaching?

sermon development Aug 17, 2018

What’s the difference between preaching and teaching? This is a question a lot of church leaders ask. Or perhaps it could be posed this way, “Is this particular form of speaking considered preaching or teaching?” There is a difference, but it can be hard to articulate exactly what that difference is and why it matters. The words we use to describe our communication are important.

It’s important to have clarity so that you know, as a presenter, what your aim should be in a given context – whether preaching, teaching or otherwise. As for the delineation between preaching and teaching, this article will show you what the difference is and why it is important to distinguish between the two forms of communicating content. Simply put: The difference between preaching and teaching is that preaching is primarily geared toward life-change while teaching is primarily aimed at transferring knowledge.

 Are you interested in discovering how to study...

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How to Build Tension for EACH POINT You Make in a Sermon

sermon prep Aug 06, 2018

In this video I talk about how to build tension not just for the sermon generally, but for each point you make. This keeps engagement high all throughout the sermon. Thanks for watching!

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Tips for Your Back Pocket Sermon

sermon prep Jul 23, 2018

This video discusses the "back pocket sermon." What is a back pocket sermon? Why do you need one? What are the best things you can do to make sure your back pocket sermon is there when you need it? Thanks for watching!


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How to Use Andy Stanley’s “ME WE GOD YOU WE” Preaching Method

sermon prep Jul 19, 2018

This video shows how to use the "ME WE GOD YOU WE" preaching method that Andy Stanley teaches in his book, Communicating for a Change.

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Three Questions You Must Ask Before You Preach a Sermon

sermon prep Jul 13, 2018

In this video I talk about three must-ask questions you should be crystal clear on before you preach any sermon. What do I want people to know? What do I want people to feel? What do I want people to do?

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Why Great Preachers Balance INTENSITY and RELIEF

sermon prep Jul 12, 2018

This video discusses why great preachers balance intensity and relief. We also look at how to do it in your preaching.

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The FIVE Best BOOKS On Preaching!

sermon development Jul 11, 2018

What are the five best books on preaching? Find out in this video.

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The Curse of Knowledge: A Preaching Death Trap – Part 3 of 3

sermon prep Jul 09, 2018

In Part 1 of this series we examined what the curse of knowledge is and how it affects preachers. In Part 2 we examined the two biggest reasons why this can be a problem for pastors. If you haven’t check those out, definitely go back and read them before continuing as they set the foundation for this last post in the series.

Today we are asking the question, how can we avoid the curse of knowledge when preaching? We’ve seen in the last two posts that being aware of the problem is a great first step and knowing why we’re prone to it helps, but what do we do about it? I want to give you three simple steps you can take with each and every sermon you preach to avoid falling into the death trap of the curse of knowledge.

How to Avoid the Curse of Knowledge When Preaching

Finally, here a few action steps to put into motion to overcome this curse:

1. Gain the heart of a teacher first and foremost. A teacher doesn’t loathe her students...

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