The Most Common MYTHS about Improving Your Preaching

sermon prep Oct 29, 2019

The more I work with preachers, the more frustrated I get with the bad information that's out there about preaching. Here's the path many preachers are led to take:
Myth 1: Spend thousands of dollars to go to seminary and learn how to give a technical, stilted sermon that makes their professor proud but doesn't connect with real people.
Myth 2: Find their favorite one or two preacher(s) and just try to be like them.
Myth 3: Believe that more experience preaching will eventually lead to excellent preaching.
Myth 4: Settle into their preaching routine without discovering what truly engages people and keeps their attention.
Myth 5: Let every week feel like they're cramming for a test last minute because they don't have time to fit it all in.
Myth 6: Preach for decades at an average level when they could preach at a high-impact level that leads to life-change for their listeners.
What nonsense!
Just relying on the pointers you remember from seminary (if...
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5 Critical Things Every Pastor Needs to Grow

church leadership Oct 22, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some pastors seem to preach effective, compelling sermons on a consistent basis, and others struggle to get the sermon written and preached?

Is it that these preachers are smarter than the rest?

From what I’ve seen there is no ideal IQ or educational experience that can predict preaching success.

Is it that they have more time than other preachers? Maybe their days are 25 hours long?

Nope. Everyone has the exact same amount of time. 

Or is it that they have a big personality and that’s all it takes?

Personality may get you places, but it won’t get you all the way. To preach compelling, clear, Spirit-led, actionable, killer sermons consistently you’re going to need more than the force of your personality.

What every successful preacher needs is simple:

A calling from God and a desire to reach people.

Preaching, at its root, can be boiled down to those two things.

But I know what you’re...

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How to avoid "pep talk" preaching - a caution for preachers

sermon prep Oct 21, 2019


What is "pep talk" preaching? It's the kind of preaching that might be true, but doesn't really need Jesus. It doesn't "need" the Holy Spirit's work because people can go and "live it out" without Jesus.

We want to avoid this kind of preaching. There is a better way! In this video we explore 3 ways to ensure that Jesus is the center of our preaching and it is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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How to Preach with a Sore Throat

sermon prep Oct 18, 2019

If you've ever had to preach with a sore throat, you know the stress it causes! I want to offer some quick remedies to get your voice back on track so you can get through the sermon strong!


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Three Ways to Give APPLICATION In Your Sermons - How to Help People APPLY Your Message

sermon prep Oct 10, 2019

Application is vitally important in preaching. If no one applies your message, then why did you preach it? It's SOO much better when we know that our listeners are latching on to what we're saying and it's making a difference. In this video, we are going to explore three ways we can give application in our messages that makes them more applicable.


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The Vital Role of PREACHING in CHURCH GROWTH!! With Rich Birch of Unseminary!!

church leadership Oct 03, 2019

Preaching plays such a vital role in your church's ability to attract and retain first-time guests. What can you do to position your preaching to reach more people and encourage your church to invite more people? Rich Birch of Unseminary is on today to share some practical tactics to leverage your preaching for growth!


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How to Navigate TRANSITIONS In Your Sermons - Don't Get Lost in Preaching Transition!!

sermon prep Sep 26, 2019

So much in preaching can get lost in transition! When moving from one thought to another, how do you make the connections? In this video we dive into four ways to smoothly navigate transitions in your sermons.


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What I Learned Doing Stand-Up Comedy for the First Time - Lessons for Pastors

sermon development Sep 18, 2019

I've always been fascinated with stand-up comedy, and I've always wanted to try it. I finally did recently and I wanted to share with you what I am learning from the experience and what the take always are for us as preachers.


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How to OVERCOME NERVES Before You Preach - Dealing with the FEAR of PUBLIC SPEAKING

sermon prep Sep 09, 2019

The fear of public speaking is very common. This fear plagues preachers just as much as anyone else. How do you overcome nervousness before you preach? In this video, we'll deal with what commonly makes preachers nervous before a sermon and 5 ways to overcome nerves before any message.


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Perfectionism DESTROYS Progress in Your Sermons - How to Overcome Perfectionistic Preaching

sermon prep Sep 03, 2019

Perfectionism is something all of us deal with but very few preachers realize it! The need to have everything perfectly prepared for my sermon is something I often strive for. But is that helpful? Is there a better way? Yes! In this video, I'll show you how this has affected me and what I'm doing about it.


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