Preaching Donkey is Turning 5!

Five years ago this week I launched Preaching Donkey! Preaching Donkey was born out of a desire to discover the most effective ways to create and deliver messages that captivate and inspire listeners toward life-change.

Discovering what works in preaching was, and still is, a passion of mine because of the disconnect between best-practices in communication and what is so often the norm in preaching.

I first noticed this disconnect while I was completing my undergraduate program. I majored in communication and learned how to connect and communicate with people. Then, in my graduate work in seminary, I learned how to bore everyone with the Bible.

The way preaching was taught, at least how it was taught to me and so many pastors I’ve helped over the years, was so stilted and technical that it would satisfy the rubric of a seminary professor, but it would put everyone else to sleep. I knew there had to be a better way to preach biblically sound sermons that were, at the same time, compelling and clear.

Five years ago I dove into discovering this for myself and began sharing my thoughts with anyone who was interested. And thus, Preaching Donkey was born!

I had no idea where this journey would take me … the people I would meet and the thousands of pastors I would get to serve along the way!

What started out as a simple blog quickly became a go-to resource for pastors looking to up their preaching game. Between the articles on the site (which have been syndicated by,, and, the YouTube channel, the two books (Preaching Killer Sermons and Become a Preaching Ninja) and the connections on Facebook and Twitter, and the thousands of email subscribers who get access to the 21-Day Guide to Creating Killer Sermons and other exclusive content, Preaching Donkey is serving thousands of pastors every week… and we’re just getting started!

Knowing It’s Making A Difference Is The BEST Part

Whether it’s Amazon reviews on the books or YouTube comments or emails I receive… I absolutely LOVE knowing how Preaching Donkey is making a difference in the lives and ministries of pastors.

Like this review of Preaching Killer Sermons by Timmothy:

Or this email from Garry, a subscriber:

 Or this email from another subscriber, Jeff:

Just knowing that what I’m doing is reaching pastors and helping them makes every bit of the work I’ve done these past five years worth it. Which, it better be worth it because also in these last five years I’ve had three kids with a fourth on the way! So, I don’t have gobs free time to spend on useless stuff.

But, if it’s helping pastors and making a difference, I’m all in!

Something Really Amazing is Coming

This fall I am launching the most comprehensive resource we’ve ever created at Preaching Donkey that will help you take your preaching to the next level. I have been working on it for months.

I seriously cannot wait to tell you about it. More on that in a few weeks.

For now, I wanted to celebrate these last five years with Top 5s of Preaching Donkey content!

Top 5 Posts of the Last Five Years

#5 My 4 Step Method for Outlining Sermons

#4 The Notes I have With Me While I Preach

#3 Why You Should Build Tension In Your Sermons

#2 4 Mistakes Preachers Make When Ending a Sermon

#1 5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before You Preach


Top 5 Posts of the Last Year

#5 So You Think You Can Preach? 6 Steps to Get Started Preaching – Part 1 of 2

#4 The Best 5 Books on Apologetics

#3 7 Steps to Writing a Sermon – Part One – Picking a Topic, Title & Hook

#2 5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before You Preach

#1 What’s the Difference Between Preaching and Teaching?


Top 5 Most-Viewed YouTube Videos

I am relatively new to YouTube so the channel is small but mighty! I’ve recently doubled down on making YouTube videos for Preaching Donkey.

For about three years we had the podcast and it was a lot of fun, but I recently decided to put the podcast on hold indefinitely so I can focus on providing helpful video content on YouTube. I may merge the two together at some point and make my YouTube videos into podcast episodes, but not any time soon.

For now, here at the top 5 YouTube Videos on Preaching Donkey:

#5 3 Must Do’s For Every Point You Make In Your Sermons 

#4 How to Kill It at Being a Guest Speaker 

#3 FATHER’S Day Vs. MOTHER’S Day in MOST Churches

#2 The Five Best Books On Preaching! 

#1 How to Use Andy Stanley’s “ME WE GOD YOU WE” Preaching Method 

Finally, I wanted to offer a big THANK YOU! Thank you for reading, for subscribing, for sharing with me how this content is helping you.

Thank you for inspiring me to press harder and dig deeper to keep helping preachers deliver the most important message in the world – the gospel.

You are my heroes, and I’m honored to serve you. Five years in the books! Here’s to five more! And then some 😉

What are some preaching topics you’d like us to dive into in the future?


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