Here's Why We MUST Talk about Ravi Zacharias

church leadership Feb 23, 2021

A great deal has been said the last couple weeks about Ravi Zacharias and his abuse allegations, subsequent investigation and fallout.

Much lies in the wake of his sin... countless abuse survivors, a tattered reputation of RZIM and the frustration and sadness many Christians feel about yet another fallen leader.

I released a video last week giving my thoughts on how we can respond to this situation and work to protect against abuse in our own churches and organizations.

Some responded to that video by saying I should not talk about Ravi Zacharias because:

1) He cannot defend himself.
2) It damages RZIM.
3) It damages the reputation of Christianity.

I feel it's important to respond to these critiques because I want to shed light on the importance of talking about these things in light of the potential dangers.

I think the results of NOT talking about it are far more damaging.

I'll explain everything in this video.


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