Celebrating Preaching Donkey’s 1st Birthday Today!

One year ago today I published the first post ever on Preaching Donkey.com! Happy Birthday, Preaching Donkey! When I started this blog I had finally found a niche I was interested enough to stick with. There were plenty of resources on preaching available, but none that I could tell that focused entirely on communicating as preachers. I had plenty of ideas on the topic from experience, trial, and error. I wanted to share my thoughts on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to preaching.

After a few weeks of figuring out how to start a blog, Preaching Donkey was born. Next week I want to show you how to start a blog of your own. I think every preacher who has a message to communicate should blog with some consistency. In the next post I’ll show you how to get started.

I had no idea what this project would turn into in one year’s time. So for today, I want to share the progress with you. You are why Preaching Donkey has lasted a year. Thanks for reading, listening and contributing to the conversation.


Each week this year was a new opportunity to teach a concept, make an argument or challenge the status quo – all for the purpose of helping preachers communicate better. Thank you for interacting with and sharing the content.

  • 49 original posts.
  • 67,392 pageviews
  • 55,675 unique pageviews

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  • 1286 email subscribers


It still blows me away that we have over 12,000 followers. Twitter is the place where we not only share our own content, but also lots of great content from some of our favorite preaching resource websites.



  • 14 podcast episodes

I’m really excited for what’s coming on the podcast. More helpful content, more book discussions, and we will start doing interviews soon.


Several Preaching Donkey articles have been featured on ChurchLeaders.com, Sermon Central.com and Pastors.com .

What’s Next?

Look for more resources on the blog and podcast every week. Also, the book is coming! I’m writing a book on preaching, and it is in the editing stages now and will be released in a few months. I’ll make sure you hear about it!

Thanks so much for a great year. Please post below what preaching topics/questions you would like us to cover in the coming year.


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