Be the CEO of Your Church (Pastor Expectations 2 of 7)

church leadership Oct 30, 2023

When you signed up for ministry, did you know you'd be expected to function as a CEO?

Oh, and you need to give a keynote address to the whole organization every Sunday.

And, you better lead at a world class level.

And bring the right team around you.

And never let the church's attendance flatten or decline.

And make sure you, your spouse and kids all remain pillars of virtue through every challenge.

If you fail at any level as the CEO of the church, you will be replaced.

Nothing to it, right?

In this episode, we are examining the crippling expectation that pastors be the CEO of their church.

We will discover a way to deal with this expectation so that we can come out on the other end with our sanity intact.


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