A Secret to Help You Accelerate Your Personal Ministry Development

church leadership Jan 25, 2016

It’s been said that leaders are readers and readers are leaders. I firmly believe this. This is why, in this post I include reading as one of the top three actions any preacher can take right now to improve their craft and become a better communicator.

 I love great books. My shelf is full of them. Yours probably is too. But I often find that I have more books than I have time to read. You probably have the same problem. This is frustrating because there is so much insight, knowledge, and wisdom that I miss out on simply because I don’t have the time to read every great book that comes out.

I found something that has solved this problem for me and has accelerated my ability to gain insight and develop as a leader. I want to share it with you because I think you’ll benefit from it as well. Ministry Library is a resource designed by my friend, Brian Beauford and his team. It’s simple, they take great leadership books, the ones you and I love, and they make short 5-10 minute video summaries of them. These videos cover the main points and overview of the book. They are perfect for personal study or showing to your staff or team for discussion.

They provide video summaries of some of the best church leadership and communication books available like The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson, It by Craig Groeschel, 7 Practices of Effective Ministry by Andy Stanley, Simply Strategic Growth by Tony Morgan, and EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey just to name a few.

I became a member of Ministry Library recently and it has saved me time while giving me access to some amazing books. If you want a great resource that will allow you to free up some time while gaining knowledge you can apply right away, you should definitely give it a shot.


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