5 Critical Things Every Pastor Needs to Grow

church leadership Oct 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some pastors seem to preach effective, compelling sermons on a consistent basis, and others struggle to get the sermon written and preached?

Is it that these preachers are smarter than the rest?

From what I’ve seen there is no ideal IQ or educational experience that can predict preaching success.

Is it that they have more time than other preachers? Maybe their days are 25 hours long? 😉

Nope. Everyone has the exact same amount of time. 

Or is it that they have a big personality and that’s all it takes?

Personality may get you places, but it won’t get you all the way. To preach compelling, clear, Spirit-led, actionable, killer sermons consistently you’re going to need more than the force of your personality.

What every successful preacher needs is simple:

A calling from God and a desire to reach people.

Preaching, at its root, can be boiled down to those two things.

But I know what you’re thinking, if it were that simple, then every preacher would see tons of life-change as a result of their preaching!

And you’re right – there is more to it.

Beyond a calling and a desire to fulfill that calling, there are actually 5 things all effective preachers need to do:   

  1. Define their goals – They know what they want out of their preaching.
  2. Identify their frustrations – They can name exactly what is holding them back.
  3. Overcome preaching roadblocks – They work on eliminating destructive mindsets and distractions.
  4. Master sermon preparation – They optimize their time spent preparing by doing the most important things in the best order.
  5. Master the art of sermon delivery – They preach for life-change week after week.

These steps have been crucial in my preaching and in those I’ve coached. But these steps are easier said than done. They require a relentless pursuit, training, and dedication. 

And that’s why I created Killer Sermons Academy – to give you those 5 critical preaching growth levers.

This program is a turn-key system for creating and delivering messages that captivate and inspire your listeners toward life-change.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s included in Killer Sermons Academy (full details here):

  • You’ll be equipped to overcome the most common preaching roadblocks that every preacher deals with.
  • Preach in a conversational tone which gives your listeners a voice and makes them more likely to trust you and follow your leadership.
  • Optimize the time you spend preparing so you free yourself up for ministry.
  • Determine goals for your preaching and how to achieve them.
  • Overcome destructive mindsets that hold back your preaching potential.
  • Develop a team approach to your preaching.
  • Harness the power of a compelling outline that takes people on an irresistible journey.
  • Build tension with each message so that your listeners want to hear more.
  • Preach without notes, master stage movement, deal with distractions and so much more!

Killer Sermons Academy is an online course that gives you the tools and proven system you need to develop yourself as a preacher and communicator.

Over the course of 3 action-packed and easy to follow modules (including 20 core videos with over 10 hours of content, downloadables, checklists AND bonuses) I’ll lay out for you my exact method for creating life-changing messages without skipping a single step.

Check out all the details about Killer Sermons Academy here.

Remember, the course closes in a few days. So don’t miss out.

What if you had a complete system for creating killer sermons that spur life-change in your listeners?

That’s why Killer Sermons Academy exists.

But I’m closing the doors Friday, November 1st at 11:59pm PST so be sure to join before it’s too late.

Oh – and the next time I re-open the course the price is going up.

Get the scoop and join here.


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