Storytelling & Humor are a POWERFUL Combination in a Sermon!

sermon prep Jul 19, 2020

There are several secret weapons in preaching. Two of them are storytelling and humor. When you put those two together it is a massively effective combination. In this video, we'll evaluate a great example of a pastor using storytelling and humor in a sermon to make a powerful point.


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How to Select Topics to Preach On - Mapping Out a Year of Sermon Content!

sermon prep Jul 15, 2020


I received this email from a subscriber: "My biggest frustration with preaching and preparing is finding topics to build sermons around... ...I think this will become more difficult once I start building sermon series. Either way, it is something I am praying about and I know God will guide me with this!" In this video I deal with how to select topics to preach about and how to map out a year's plan for sermon content.


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3 Tips for Dealing with Sermon TIME CONSTRAINTS! BEFORE the Sermon!

sermon prep Jul 07, 2020

I received this email from one of my subscribers... "My sermon challenge is the inability to time my messages (sermon). Most times, a beautiful sermon will have to be ended abruptly because of time constraints." He is not alone in this struggle. All of us have dealt with running out of time when preaching. In this video, I offer 3 tips for dealing with time constraints ahead of time.


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NEVER let a GOOD Sermon go to Waste! Three Ways to Repurpose Sermon Content!

sermon prep Jun 25, 2020

If you've ever preached a sermon and wished you could make it go further than just Sunday, here are 3 ideas of things you can do THIS WEEK to make sure your sermon reaches more people beyond Sunday.


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The CRUCIAL Sermon Application Question NO ONE Thinks About!

sermon prep Jun 17, 2020

What do you want people to say about your sermon when they get in their cars and drive home? This is an important question that no one talks about. But if you have this question in mind as you prepare it can set you up for success in a number of ways! In this video, we'll discuss the importance of this question and how to use this question in your preparation.


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Why You Need a Sermon Prep Workflow – No More Last Minute Prep!

sermon prep Jun 15, 2020

Many pastors find themselves preparing sermons last minute. Some even bleed into the weekend and late Saturday night! Recently a subscriber emailed asking how to overcome this kind of sermon prep procrastination.

In this video, I’ll show you a simple way to work around this by creating a sermon preparation workflow.

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How to Preach with Clarity - Understanding What People Hear

sermon prep Jun 11, 2020

When we preach there are three things at play: what we mean to say, what we actually say and what people hear. In this video we explore how important it is to understand these three realities if you want to communicate clearly when you preach.

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The Vital Role of Preaching the Gospel - My Response to George Floyd's Death

sermon prep Jun 03, 2020

Normally on Thursday I would release a video about how to improve some element of your preaching. This week will be different. In light of all that has happened over the last two weeks, I wanted to give my perspective and share what has been on my heart about it.


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