Why Charismatic Churches are Growing - Lessons for Pastors

lessons for pastors Jun 09, 2022

For the last several decades, attractional churches have reigned supreme. They've gone by different monikers. Sometimes known as seeker sensitive, modern, etc.

The idea in many of these churches, and in evangelicalism at large, has been to make sure churches are as user-friendly and approachable to outsiders as possible.

Nothing weird. Nothing awkward. That was the goal. And for good reason. The thought was, "Let's not make the gospel weird and scare away spiritual seekers."

Like most well-intentioned movements, there was an unintended consequence. Church became stale, predictable, and altogether forgettable. Many of these churches are experiences declining attendance patterns.

But, there is a church movement that is growing and has been for years now - not just in the US, but around the globe - charismatic churches.

In this episode, we're going to look into an article by Carey Nieuwhof in which he explains this phenomenon and some lessons we can learn from it.

Whether you are charismatic or ever intend to be, there are lessons in here for your church.


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