The Most Common MYTHS about Improving Your Preaching

sermon prep Oct 28, 2019

The more I work with preachers, the more frustrated I get with the bad information that's out there about preaching. Here's the path many preachers are led to take:
Myth 1: Spend thousands of dollars to go to seminary and learn how to give a technical, stilted sermon that makes their professor proud but doesn't connect with real people.
Myth 2: Find their favorite one or two preacher(s) and just try to be like them.
Myth 3: Believe that more experience preaching will eventually lead to excellent preaching.
Myth 4: Settle into their preaching routine without discovering what truly engages people and keeps their attention.
Myth 5: Let every week feel like they're cramming for a test last minute because they don't have time to fit it all in.
Myth 6: Preach for decades at an average level when they could preach at a high-impact level that leads to life-change for their listeners.
What nonsense!
Just relying on the pointers you remember from seminary (if you attended) and hoping they're still effective and relevant today is not a strategy!
And how can you be someone else? You can't! You can ONLY be YOU. And, by the way, you SHOULD only be YOU!
And how can we expect to engage an ever-changing audience when we are not growing and continually improving?
Look friend, effective, compelling preaching isn't easy. It takes ongoing work.
But it takes strategic work - and when done properly, it takes less work than you think.
So what are we supposed to do?
Given how much bad information there is out there around preaching, is it really possible to develop yourself into a masterful communicator?
Is it possible to consistently preach life-changing messages?
Does a solution exist in the midst of all this confusion?
To these questions I'd say a resounding yes!
In fact, I've take my 15+ years of preaching and ministry experience including 5+ years of working with thousands of pastors around the world - helping them improve their preaching, streamline their sermon preparation process and develop sermon delivery techniques that captivate their audiences - and I've distilled all of it into a complete, repeatable system for you....

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