Preaching Three DIFFERENT Sermons a Week?? (Try this Instead)

sermon prep Mar 09, 2021

I love preaching multiple services! There are so many strategic benefits to multiplying the number of times you meet on a Sunday morning or weekend. For one thing, that sermon improves with every subsequent service! ;)

However, some churches have multiple DIFFERENT services a week, and some on the same day!

In fact, this is the way I grew up... Sunday morning was a service that had a different sermon than Sunday night which was different than the sermon on Wednesday night.

This meant the preacher was preparing and delivering three DIFFERENT sermons every single week.

This might be you! If it is, I know it's a challenge (to say the least) to find the time to prepare three quality sermons a week.

In this video, I want to offer a few ways to approach this that might help you... especially if you feel overwhelmed by all the sermon prep you're doing every week!


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