If God Can Speak Through a Donkey, He Can Speak Through You

Welcome to Preaching Donkey! This blog is about becoming better at communicating the message you want to get across. A lot of preaching resources focus on content; this one is more about communication.

Some topics I write about include sermon prep, sermon structure, sermon length, conversational preaching, getting feedback, rehearsing sermons, public speaking tools, maximizing impact, and anything else related to perfecting the art of preaching.

Who am I? I’m Lane. Do I know everything about preaching? Of course not. I have a lot to learn like everyone else. I just want to share my thoughts and start a conversation. I write about principles I’ve learned from nearly ten years of preaching regularly in a variety of contexts and studying communication in college.

While working on my seminary degree in pastoral ministry, I noticed that my preaching courses focused mostly on theological accuracy, biblical exegesis and sermon structure. These are all necessary, but communicating effectively has to be a priority. If no one is listening to your message, then it doesn’t matter how theologically correct you are.

In my writing, I combine my practical experience with my communications degree and theological training to share some ideas on how to preach with greater impact. One of my greatest passions in life is preaching, and I look forward to getting better together. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Why the name “Preaching Donkey”? God spoke through a donkey to get his point across one time; I think he can speak through us. Preaching is serious business, but if you lack the ability to laugh at yourself you’ll be miserable. From the name of this blog to the content, my goal is to be real. This is a place where we have an honest conversation about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to preaching. I hope you enjoy reading.


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