How to Change Up Your Sermon Last Minute (If you need to)

sermon prep May 08, 2019

Not too long ago I preached a sermon where I felt God was leading me to change up the introduction entirely. This occurred to me minutes before I was about to preach. I sat on the front row during worship and it was clear to me – the plan I had for the sermon opening just didn’t fit.

The direction I felt like God wanted me to go was to share a personal story that would be a fairly vulnerable, transparent thing to share. This was a risky proposition when completely extemporaneous, but I’ve told the story many times so I went with it.

This experience made me think about the best ways to change up your sermon when you feel like God is leading in a different direction with the sermon.

In this video we’ll explore 7 things to keep in mind if you need to change things up.


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