How to Become A Preaching Ninja

sermon prep Jan 13, 2019

Ninjas aren’t born. They’re made.

Ninjas are made through a continual, life-long pursuit of mastering their art.

What is a preaching ninja? It’s the preacher who understands how crucial it is to master the art of preaching. It’s the preacher who won’t settle for anything less than the best they can bring. It’s the preacher who recognizes they always have areas that can improve.

If you’re like me, you know how important it is to work on your preaching but it’s hard to know what to focus on. There are so many things pulling at your time that it makes it tough to justify spending time and energy on improving yourself as a preacher.

But I’m convinced that there is not a greater gift you could give your church than to bring your best every time you preach and commit to continually improving your craft as a preacher.

I have put together a helpful resource that reveals a proven process of sermon prep and delivery that will save you time and increase the impact of your messages. It will set you on a path to mastering your preaching game.

I know what you’re going through. I so badly want to communicate the amazing truths of God’s word, and I also want to make sure my message is being heard. This is why I have worked hard to prepare this resource to ease the burden on other preachers.

You probably don’t have lots of extra time to spend attending conferences and seminars. This is why I’ve written a straight-forward, practical book that gets right to the point.

You will be able to apply the principles immediately.

Imagine the day when writing and delivering your sermons is no longer a burden, but a joy. A joy that you look forward to and love making time for.

Thousands of pastors have begun applying the principles I teach in my first book, Preaching Killer Sermons,, and major sites like Sermon Central, Church Leaders, Unseminary and I draw from 15 years of preaching experience, my passion for helping other pastors, and my background in communications and practical ministry.

I’ve now put all the principles in one place. When you read, Become a Preaching Ninja: Sharpen Your Skills, Hone Your Craft, Maximize Your Impact as a Preacher, you will discover how to:

• Overcome destructive preaching mindsets that hold you back
• Master the often-neglected essentials of effective preparation
• Save time preparing with a simplified, proven process
• Harness the power of storytelling and humor to impact lives
• Create moments that lead your listeners to life-change

If you want to discover practical methods to maximize engagement and spur life-change every time you preach, this book is for you.

Here’s what other pastors are saying about Become a Preaching Ninja:

“Today’s preacher has plenty of challenges to overcome. With this book, Lane calls us to a level of excellence that pastors need to achieve if we are going to capture the attention of a highly distracted world. If you are looking to take your preaching to the next level, this book will help.”

-Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor of Connexus Church and author of Didn’t See It Coming

“In 16 years of pastoring, preaching was the one thing I did, which had the most potential for Kingdom impact, took the most time in my week, and yet where I always felt I could improve. This book reads easily, almost like Lane is sitting with you in a coaching session. I’m thankful for this comprehensive tool to help pastors do what we’ve been called to do.”

-Ron Edmondson, CEO, Leadership Network

“Two things I know for sure is everyone gets better with a coach and nothing grows a church faster than when a preacher gets better. Lane Sebring has combined these two principles in his new book Become A Preaching Ninja. This resource is a must-have for every preacher and communicator. Lane has given us a gift! Get this book. Not only will you enjoy the results, so will those in your church!”

-Brian Dodd, author or Timeless: 10 Enduring Practices of Apex Leaders and founder of

“WOW! There is so much packed into Become a Preaching Ninja! The journey starts with the mindset and ends up with incredibly practical tactics. It’s like a masterclass is kick-starting your preaching career! I wish they had this book on preaching when I was back in seminary. Pick up a few copies and go through it with your team!”

Rich Birch, author of Church Growth Flywheel and founder of UnSeminary

This book is available for purchase right now on Amazon. It’s currently the #1 New Release in Christian Preaching on Amazon! You can read it in paperback or Kindle version – whichever you prefer.

For the money, I don’t know of a more practical resource to aid you in your preaching.

You need to pick up this book today.

Don’t put it off. You don’t want to put off improving your preaching game.

Sermon prep is tough. You are well aware. I’ve written Become a Preaching Ninja to ease that burden and provide a useful tool for you to vastly improve your preaching while providing your with a simplified process for sermon prep and delivery. It is available on Amazon.

Pick it up today:

-Become A Preaching Ninja – Paperback

-Become a Preaching Ninja – Kindle


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