Be a Professional Speaker (Pastor Expectations 1 of 7)

If you preach, you know the pressure of making your sermons awesome.

But it's not just your content that has to be impeccable.

Your delivery has to be at an expert level as well.

You simply "must" be:

-engaging but not too confrontational
-humorous but not glib
-biblical but not a seminary lesson
-entertaining but still substantive
-thorough but not long-winded.

Easy peasy right?

Recently a pastor wrote an article sharing why he has decided to leave pastoral ministry for good.

His article went viral as so many people resonated with his sentiments on the pressures, stresses and unrealistic expectations pastors face.

One of the expectations he lists is Professional Speaker. In this episode, we'll dive into that expectation to see how to manage it without losing our minds in the process.


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