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Want to save time AND prepare better sermons? Grab my FREE 21-Day Guide to Creating Killer Sermons and get practical action steps to write better sermons in less time!


What you'll learn in the 21-day guide

Study the Passage Effectively

Getting stuck in your study? You’ll discover an effective and powerful method for studying the text for your sermon.

Create an Irresistible Outline

Outlining doesn’t sound fun, right? It can be! I’ll show you how to outline in a way that takes your listeners on an irresistible journey.

Make Your Sermon Come Alive

Ever feel like your sermon needs more pop? You’ll discover the tools needed to make any sermon come alive and make a big impact.

Ready to take your sermon prep to the next level in just 21 days?

Then download this free guide now. In this action-packed PDF you'll discover:

  • A 3 week step-by-step plan to prepare effective and life-changing sermons.
  • Detailed action steps that show you exactly what to do in what order to optimize your sermon prep time.
  • A proven framework for guiding your listeners on an irresistible journey in every sermon.
  • How to make your sermons memorable and impacting in the lives of your listeners (who doesn't want that?)

This plan will give you everything you need to start preparing your sermons more effectively and efficiently in the next 21 days - and I'm here to help you every step of the way. Let's do this!

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